Monday, November 30, 2009

A piece or two of poetry...

After my last post, which was so wordy, I felt like I should put up something a bit more lighthearted. So, in an attempt to maintain a balance, here we go....

I was going through some things, and I found these poems, and realized that I really liked them.  If you don't like it, tell me... Next time i'll put up something different.

First, from Cowper...

"Contemplate, when the sun declines,
Thy death, with deep reflection,
And when again he rising shines,
Thy day of resurrection!"

And, not from Cowper, the slightly less well-written...

This time of night I think of you,
As sun melts into moon--
I'm wond'ring if you're safe tonight,
And if I'll see you soon.

I watch the sunset wash away,
I hear the music fade,
And as the colors turn to black,
I dearly wish you'd stayed.

It's midnight now, and yet I wait,
Just longing for your face,
And wishing I could speed up time,
Until your sweet embrace.

It's such a cliched song, I know,
Of longing, love, and pain,
And yet, despite it's over-use,
The meaning still remains.

Although I know you won't show up,
Or come for me tonight,
I nonetheless cry out for you--
And weep 'til morning's light. 

And a cheerful one...

A Russian who danced the gavotte
On the deck of an Englishman's yacht
Lost his balance and drowned
And was buried on ground
In what's known as a Communist Plot.

And finally....

Two brothers named Wong couldn't quite
Pull off their first aeroplane flight
When their rig crashed and burned
They finally learned
Two Wongs never could make a Wright.