Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alright. I am gearing up and planning. Some important things, like planning piano lesson stuff, and some less important things… such as formulating a list of books I want or need to read. I should be practicing the piano, but my fingers haven’t been working lately, as evidenced by my destruction of offertory two weeks ago.
Two factors are stopping this from being a long blog. First of all, I just worked out, and think I pulled a muscle…. Or several muscles. Therefore, I am quite tired. The second thing is the fact that I heard a sermon this week on pride, and he brought out how elements of technology such as facebook and blogs do nothing but provide a platform for pride and self glorification. After that, I can’t write one of my weird narratives.
So I give you this. It’s what I needed to hear tonight as well.
His grace is enough for me.
In my weakness, His power is made complete.
When I find my strength is gone, He’s the rock I rest upon.
His grace is enough for me.
… So when trials overwhelm me, and I cannot carry on,
I know that when I’m weak, then He is strong.
His grace is enough for me.