Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nope. No. Way.

Dear Apple,
Having just spent a significant amount of time trolling your website and learning about the shiny new iOS 7, I have a number of things to say.
1. No.
2. Don't.
3. Ugly.
4. Unnecessary
5. Why?

E. R. E.

I'm sorry. I hate it. I have looked at it from afar, and then seen small examples of it up close, and I am not impressed. While I understand that there are a couple very nice technical things, I am not impressed with the overall interface.
And here's why.
The average age of iphone users is not currently 3 years old. Do I think the new simplistic primary color-ish design would be adorably appropriate in certain settings? Yes, in a fake cell phone for my 3 year old niece.
I look at my iphone 5 sometimes, at the beautiful interface, the smooth design, the sleek glass, and it makes me oddly happy. It's beautiful to look at. It's light and shadow, art and simplicity, all combined.
Until. Now.
I may be convinced to download the new iOS sometime. I may like it against all odds.
But for now, no thank you. Its new simple looking buttons and shadowless text pages and unpleasant "we are trying to be like Windows without admitting it" is absolutely not appealing to me... (If I have just insulted Windows OS I apologize...)
This has really thrown me into a technological crisis. I adore Apple. I hoped to buy an iPad someday. My macbook has served me faithfully for a year now, and things designed by Apple are normally intuitive, simple, and beautiful. Seeing that fade in The Ugly New iOS has depressed me. What am I going to do? I have always assumed when the next iPhone hardware redesign came out (presumably next year, if Apple follows their pattern), I would get it and happily renew my contract with practically reception-less Sprint. (A call failed with my sister today. Three times. She is in the same state and had perfectly good reception... this is a sprint-in-enumclaw problem.)
But now, I wonder. Am I a diehard Apple fan? I guess this proves I am not. I would have said I was, up until this new iOS. I think it is a mistake. The bottom line-- the graphics don't appeal to me. There may be loads of helpful new features. I'm sure there are a few benefits, but I am not sure it's worth staring at an ugly screen long enough to find them. The colors... ugh. Though I dislike putting the word "Ugh" in a blog, I really can't come up with anything else that fits.
I may someday rescind this blog, but for now, I will stay in my happy iOS 6.something world and still try to love Apple despite the way I am disappointed right now...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Can we be done now?

Currently, I must admit to being in, well, the foulest of moods. I woke up on the wrong side of bed. In fact, I've woken up on the wrong side of the bed for about six weeks now. Why? Because when you don't sleep well, that's just what happens. Lately, the primary factor in this gigantic problem, is the heat.
Yes, I live in Washington.
No, it doesn't usually get above 80 degrees.
But it has this summer. A lot. It was 90 degrees yesterday. NINETY DEGREES.
And I. Am. Done.

Alright, end pathetic admissions. 
I think a primary rule of blogging is, or should be, "Don't post when you are in a bad mood."
Good rule. I am ignoring it. The reason is because, by the end of this post, I intend to be in a much better mood.
What could possibly fix all my sleepless nights? What could atone for me waking up early, grouchy because I am hot and sweaty and miserable?
One word...... Autumn.
Beautiful. In fact, I gave my second smile of the day just now, upon seeing that word. All I've been able to think this morning is of how hot it's going to be at work, how my face is going to get sweaty and then itch (Pleasant picture, I know), how I'm going to have a sweat rash by the end of the day. Yes, that's what happens to me. I'm a Washington girl through and through, what can I say? It's not just that I "don't like hot weather." The problem with me is, I absolutely adore the fall and winter weather. Now, do I like having my hair get rained on and messy? no. Do I like that when my fingers are cold at work, if you just barely injure them, it hurts like the dickens  because of the cold temperature? Nope, that's not a highlight. I don't like having to defrost the vehicle before going to work. We get months of gray weather and drizzle, and I can't say that those are a highlight either. The backyard won't be as pretty, but I can live with that. Especially if it gets covered in snow... :-)
At the stand, when people ask "Are you enjoying the sunshine?", I've given up trying to say "Isn't it beautiful!" or any other phrases to just divert without straight up lying. Now my diplomatic answer is more along the lines of "Well, to be honest, I am really looking forward to the cooler weather!" It may not sound diplomatic in print, but it's better than what I want to say... "NO! AND I HATE THIS!"
But here's the thing. It's coming... So, to "dwell on the positive", here we go.
What's coming is this...
Cool mornings with hot tea and coffee. Spiced chai mochas. Pumpkin spice lattes, hot instead of the iced ones I've been drinking.
Crisp and clear fall dawns, with a bite in the air and the smell of apple cider and zucchini bread. 
Scarves. Knitted scarves, flowy scarves, comfy scarves.
Blazing fires in the evening to ward off the chill, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Photography lighting... well now, just fantastic. 
Beautiful long walks with my camera, wearing fur lined boots stolen from my mother's closet. Thick cozy sweaters, and flannels and plaids and sweatshirts whenever I want.
Maybe, just maybe, there will even be snow. We didn't get any last year, but I can always hope.
Fuzzy socks. Can't forget them. I could write an entire blog post featuring them alone...
That lovely feeling of walking out of the living room and feeling it get cooler, because you've been heating the house by fireplace, and know that your room will be pleasantly chilly to enjoy a down comforter and quilt.
Having people over for game nights, and enjoying a cozy evening inside, with endless rounds of indian spice chai... (The real stuff, not the spiced chai mix mentioned earlier. Although that is wonderful too!)
Lovely candlelit rooms, fur throw blankets, 
Hot apple juice on the stove blending with orange peel, cinnamon sticks, and red hots. The smell of cinnamon in the air because of the pot over the fire.
And baking. Oh, the options.... Cinnamon rolls, fresh bread, zucchini bread with chocolate chips in it. Fresh apple pies, oh my.
Happy Autumn. Happy Winter.