Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Goodness gracious. It’s been a while since a post, so I offer my deepest apologies. Amid a whirlwind of activity that included bridal showers, winter storms, power outages, weddings, work, and hopefully soon a new niece, I have had neither the time nor creativity for a decent blog. I know, you’re thinking “I could’ve sworn I saw a more recent post that is no longer appearing here.” You’re right! I posted, then deleted. I do that sometimes… Now, to avoid having to re-assess and delete yet another post, I am playing it safe. Excerpts are the order of the day. I always make time for reading, and I know that in quoting Manton and Swinnock the likelihood that I’ll need to delete later is greatly lessened.

Thought this section on the effect of faith on our lives was quite good… It went on for a long time, so I just pulled out two quotes.

Faith sweetens all the afflictions of this life by presenting the advantages of the future, and balanceth what we feel with what we do expect. The shortest life is long enough to be sensible of inconveniences and many calamities. But though the way is rough, faith seeth heaven at the end of the journey, and so it conveyeth real support and comfort into the soul and heart of a believer. A Christian may live in the sweetness of tranquility in the midst of all outward disturbances, because the presence of his hopes makes amends for all, and giveth him a happy dedolency that he feels nothing; whereas when faith is weak we soon faint: Ps cxix 92, “Unless thy law had been my delight, I had perished in my affliction.’ There is such a sweetness in the Word, that when faith takes hold of it, the sense of worldly misery is overwhelmed and quenched. Faith is like a cordial that keeps off the poison of affliction from the vital spirits, and the poison of the encumbrances of the present life from the soul…They that know heaven to be their home, reckon the world a strange country. There is a more excellent glory sealed up to them in Christ, and they do the less care for worldly advantages; certainly they do not lay out their strength and their care upon them. Who would purchase a rattle with the same price that would buy a jewel? or dig for iron with mattocks of gold? They will not wear out their affections on carnal things; faith acquainteth them with nobler objects… But now when men only relish and favour earthly things, and live as if their hopes were only in this world, they either have no right to heaven, or believe they have none.”

-- Thomas Manton, Sermons on Hebrews 11, Sermon 2

Swinnock later!