Monday, January 27, 2014

I know, I haven’t blogged, it’s been forever, blah blah blah. I’d like to get back into blogging. Discipline has not been my friend lately, but, I am working on it. This one is going to be short.
On to more important matters.
The works of John Owen was for sale last month from Banner of Truth, and really, how could I resist it? Best. Purchase. Ever.
December wasn’t my month, and the first four days of january weren’t so hot either. But that’s okay.
Things are looking up.

I quit my job. How bout that? Why would I do such a thing? Well, the truth is, I have loved a ton of things about the coffee stand, but I just know it’s time to move on.
Also, an offer came along that I couldn’t resist.
Namely, Gwyneth. She needs a nanny. I basically yelled “PICK ME!”
Today is my first day.... So far it’s gone pretty fabulously!

My goal is to accomplish a lot of other things while I am here. To that end, I am beginning to utilize iTunesU. Is it weird that I am retaking algebra through there? Hah. Some skills have completely lapsed since high school.... there are a lot of fun courses I have found so far, from math to theology to photography. Fun times. I don’t want my brain to turn to mush.

So there you have it. A brief overview of life lately. More pictures are on the smugmug, and hopefully more will come!