Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dignity, Always Dignity!!

I know, it's been weeks. And through those weeks, every time I typed in a web address other than my blog, I felt guilty. What was I thinking, neglecting it so?
However, I find myself plagued with a common problem... very little brain power geared toward creative genius. Therefore, what follows may be more than a little ugly. Forgive me, my friends, for my lack of finesse.
Lots of little things have been going on, which add up to a nice life, in my opinion. Catering jobs, babysitting, reading, hobbies, and my latest renewed fad-- a morning "run."
Dignity has eclipsed comfort. At least for me, this very A.M.. Rather than double over, gasping, I doggedly kept on running this morning, just until I was out of sight of the neighbors. Despite the burning lungs and aching side, I couldn't bring myself to walk, at least not while they could see me. Perhaps my pride will benefit my muscles at some point. When I turned that corner, what started out as a promising jog turned into a determined speed-walk. Surprisingly enough, only the last half block turned into a pleasant meander. This morning, though, was so lovely and blue (birds singing, etc) that it was pleasant to be outside, even for such an energetic pursuit. (Of course, now it's gray and rainy. Welcome to Washington) When I started out, all I could think was "I really should be sitting on the deck with a coffee, not slogging around the neighborhood in sweatpants." Oh yes, sweatpants and a (relatively cute) sweatshirt, even though I had to display plenty of fortitude under the disdainful glances of other joggers who were in their R.E.I. stretchy pants or spandex.
But anyway, I would greatly appreciate prayer-- tonight I am going to audition/interview for an accompanist job. It'd be onfit as a fiddlce a week,  including performances, but it pays enough to cover more than insurance... which is precisely what I need. Also, it could lead to potential students. However, I'm not as good at sight reading and accompaniment as I am at other things, so I'll need ALL the prayer I can get!
As my aunt put it, I might wow them and be hired on the spot. My gut tells me that I'll be embarrassed in front of a choral group, and walk out trying to scrape together as much aplomb as possible....
And yet the motto remains... Dignity, Always Dignity!