Thursday, February 27, 2014

All I have to say today is:
Pictures from The Seabrook Trip 2014 are now up on my smugmug.
You can find them here: Seabrook Adventures

That's all.
Oh, except for one more thing.
If you look through the pictures, please comment. That keeps you from being classified as a stalker. Well, sort of.


Rev said...

Is there a prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd commenter, etc? That'd be a good promo...because I'd win!

1283 23229445...code for: Josh wins!

Emilie R. Edwards said...

Josh? Who is that again?

I know a guy named Joshua who would win the prize!

Oh. Yah. What is the prize? Well, it is the grand gift of the great internal satisfaction you receive for best commenter.

That's great, right?? No? Oh, sorry, I'll do better next time. ;)

Genun Eiersome
(What is that some swiss physicist? Who comes up with these thigns!)

Emilie R. Edwards said...