Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm on vacation, give me a break...

Ireland pictures are not quite done yet. I'm getting there!
But first, I had to finish putting up pictures from last year's road trip. Because really, it's not okay to put up pictures of one major trip when the last one isn't even finished yet. Last year was my first venture into HDR, and trying to do that with the Grand Canyon was...excessively difficult for me. I'm not happy with the canyon pictures from the trip, but I put some of them up anyways. What I *am* happy with are the pictures of the delicate arch.
I admit, I find it strange. One year ago I was prepping my camera, renting a lens, and going on a major road trip parents. Now? I am on vacation with my parents. Again. And working on those same pictures. So much has happened within the last year-- way more than I ever thought would-- and yet the same pictures are still sitting on my computer, waiting patiently. It's fun in some ways, and it brings back lots of memories.
This year's vacation is quite a bit different than last year. Last year was an intense several days of driving all day long, seeing sites, planning routes, finding hotels... Then, settling for a week down in Oro Valley, Arizona. Last year we got to see old friends from church-- and that was amazing!
This year, we haven't seen or talked to anyone! I didn't even post on Instagram until today. *gasp*
I also have taken under 20 pictures this week. But it's great. Ireland exhausted me on pictures, planning, and driving to a new place every night. The time to sit and do almost whatever I want whenever I want has been amazing. It's a bummer that Clark didn't come this year-- last year he flew down to stay in Arizona with us for a couple days. But somebody has to stay home and feed the rabbit, right?
The solitude has been a blessing. I needed the time to be quiet with books, quiet before the Lord.
This kind of vacation has slowly taken on a new value to me. A few years back, I found Sunriver to be pretty low on my list of choices. I don't know if it's because the busyness of the last year has caused me to appreciate quiet times more, or if I am just growing enough to be comfortable with silence and solitude-- even to crave it.
I used to feel stifled by Sunriver. The thought of being in one place the whole vacation, of only driving seven hours, of being with just my parents instead of my whole family like the old days. But now, I like it. The bike trails that lead to the river and stables, or the little village-y marketplace are something I enjoy now. Admittedly, I am ridiculously sore after enjoying an hour of the trails the other day, but still, it was a beautiful ride.
I still have the "wanderlust", the longing to go places and see things I've never seen before. I still love long roadtrips and want to go on them-- but now I see the value of a different kind of vacation. This kind, where you stop everything and ignore clocks and relax. Where you literally just sit with a cup of coffee in the morning and look out at the forest of ponderosa pines. (pretending you are in an episode of Bonanza is optional.) Where the world spins on and you sit with a book and enjoy the scenery. Where you take your time with your Bible reading, take the time to write down things, no hurry, no deadline. It's really quite an extraordinary blessing.
The whole time has been incredible. (Minus yesterday, during which I was laying in bed all day with a fever, nausea, and horrible aches. Today it has calmed down to become a congested sinusy thing and sore throat. But at least I have the energy to get up without passing out or my head pounding.)
Sadly, it has to end. The good news is, the massive bag of peanut butter m&m's will come home with me.
Here is a link to pictures from the last few months: Feb/March  April 

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